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At Everalls Bookkeeping, we know that time is valuable, and so is following your passion. This is why we like to let you get on with growing your business while we take care of your books.

Everalls Bookkeeping gives you certainty in your bookkeeping and your numbers. This keeps you out of trouble with the ATO and, more importantly, gives you the financial information you need to make better business decisions. Better books = better business.

Our areas of expertise

Meet the Team

Ray Moore

Ray Moore

Bookkeeping Manager

Ray joined Everalls Bookkeeping in 2021 and brings over 15 years of financial experience to the team. His specific work history includes experience in the areas of Corporate Finance, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Boards/Governance. Ray is currently a Member of the Australian Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as well as being QuickBooks online and Xero advisor certified.

When asked why he is drawn to Bookkeeping, he simple says he loves diving into numbers. Ray loves to get stuck into a client’s bookkeeping file and start to analyse the numbers. If your accounts don’t reconcile, reach out to Ray. Taking a fresh set of books and leaving them clean, streamlined and in great shape, ready to provide you with valuable insight about your business is what drives Ray at work, every day.

Rhianon McDonald

Rhianon McDonald

Senior Bookkeeper

First starting 2014 in a junior role, Rhianon has grown into the role of Xero specialist, bookkeeper, and payroll officer. She loves to help clients understand how to use Xero to benefit their business and help them with bookkeeping and payroll.

She has completed an Advanced Diploma in accounting and, in her spare time, likes to score goals with her soccer team, watch her plants grow and like dinosaurs.


Susan O’Mara

Senior Bookkeeper

Susan has considerable experience across a number of industries including hospitality, building, education and finance sectors. This has provided her with more understanding of the needs across all of Everalls Bookkeeping client businesses. She is always there for her clients, to help them and their businesses be successful and grow.

Judy Cunanan

Judy Cunanan (Cess)


Judy holds a Bachelor of Accountancy, and her experience lies in handling the books, taxation and payroll for various companies. At Everalls Bookkeeping, she works closely with the team to ensure that timely financial information is provided for each client so that they can make sound financial decisions.

What she loves about working with DFK Everalls is the open door policy, goal-oriented leadership and flexibility. Judy looks forward to growing her career at DFK Everalls.

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