Pre-retirement Planning – what you need to know now


Date: September 15

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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DFK Everalls


DFK Everalls

Level 5 SAP House 224 Bunda St, Canberra City, ACT 2601

Canberra City, ACT, AU, 2601

Retirement means different things to different people. But all of us need to be prepared!
What do you need to know to start that prep?

Pre-retirement planning – what you need to know now

Join us in our offices (or online) for this value-packed presentation, led by Melissa Healy, Director Everalls Wealth.

This presentation is aimed at people who are up to 10 years out from retirement and those who want to be organised early.

Retirement means different things to different people.For some, it means the ability to spend more time with loved ones while for others it may mean pursuing a neglected hobby or travelling the world. Regardless of whatever retirement means to you, one thing is for sure – no one wants to spend their later years worrying about money.

Join us on Thursday, September 15th for this popular boardroom briefing event and understand what you need to do to get your pre-retirement planning in order, now.

This presentation will cover

  • How much will you need in retirement
  • Ways of funding your retirement
  • Strategies to increase your superannuation balance
  • Managing risk & protecting your Super
  • Strategies to retire in style

Come and join us for a relaxed, Plain English presentation over complimentary drinks & nibbles. 

Alternatively, you can choose to attend via ZOOM. A recording will be made available for all participants.

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There will also be a Q&A Session at the end of the presentation – we hope to see you there and encourage you to share the registration link with a friend or colleague who would also find this presentation useful.

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