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Come with us to Global Business Camp in February 2025!

Opportunities are everywhere. The question is… are we seeing them?

Opportunities are all around us. Some people see them, yet others do not. They are there especially at this time where cost of living and economic headwinds from all corners of the nation and globally are putting enormous stress on businesses and individuals alike.

We just need to take advantage of them!

Business that do not take the opportunities when they arise suffer, and in time, their failure rate is higher. Life is all about taking opportunities as and when they are presented.

One of those rare opportunities is investing 3 days at a Global Business Camp (GBC) working on your business with our team and other like-minded business people from all over Australia (100% tax deductible). Now is the time to be planning and thinking about strategies that will help push your business forward.

What percentage of small businesses fail?

20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% fail in their second year, and 50% fail after five years. Finally, 70% of small business owners fail in their tenth year in operation.

From all the work completed in this space by the experts at Global Business Camps there are some key reasons for failure:

Reason #1 – Not in touch with what their customers want and a lack of communication

Are you asking your customers what else you can be doing for them or how happy they are? Knowing the strategies is half the battle. Right now, and moving forward, you should be doing everything you can to be front-of-mind with your customers.

Are you asking for referrals? If you do, great work. If you are not, then you need to start asking for them!

Reason #2 – No real differentiation in the market from your competitors

What is your unique differentiation? How do you stand out from everyone else in your industry?

It is crucial to be able to differentiate yourself in today’s ultra-competitive environment. By communicating with customers and explaining how you can help them improve their lives is a great way to be different. Most people at the moment are silent. They are not marketing, not communicating, not promoting their business. They are just sitting there waiting and hoping for things to improve.

Are you speaking with your customers via social media, letters, website and visiting them face to face? As I mentioned above, most businesses are not communicating at all.

Reason #3 – Leadership breakdown at the top

What leadership style do you have? How dysfunctional is your team? Does your team know where the business is going and why? These are critical questions that you need to have answers to.

Business with great leaders thrive even in challenging times. Businesses with poor leaders generally only work when the economy and times are good. What are you doing to improve as a leader?

Reason #4 – Inability to land on a profitable business model with proven revenue streams and manage cash flows.

What changes do you need to make to your business model in this changing and challenging environment? Are you tracking your business and comparing it back to budgets? What impact do the ‘1% changes’ have on your business profit and cash flow? Do you conduct ‘what-if’ analysis?

An interesting situation is that a business can be very profitable and running out of money at the same time. You could ask how that can be possible? It can and we see it regularly. How would you know that this is a problem? You would know if you have prepared budgets to see what the next 12–24 months looks like in your business.

Seriously though, all the above are not negotiable in today’s business world. We have a proven formula for your success:

Your wisdom + Global Business Camp (Strategies and methodology) = MORE SUCCESS FOR YOU

The next Global Business Camp is being held over 3 days from 24–26 February, 2025 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise.

PENCIL IT IN NOW because we would love you to be there with us!

Our aim is to help you get to where you want to go faster and safer. Our firm will be hosting a table ( 1 Director and up to five clients) at the camp generating discussion and assisting you to work your way through the program. Over the 3 days, all of the above areas will be covered and you will get to hear from experts about all of the opportunities that our current economic circumstances present.

Click here to download a detailed brochure about the event and how to register. Further information can also be found Global Business Camps website at www.globalbusinesscamps.com.au

If you would like to come, let us know so we can assist you with the registration and booking process to ensure you are on our table.

Take advantage of huge savings for our valued clients only.

The normal price is $3,300 per person, but being one of our truly valued clients, we would like to offer a very special early bird rate of $2,200 per person (including GST) if you register now (Use the coupon code VIP-2 if you register direct). That is a significant saving and we urge you to register as soon as possible to take advantage of this offer. Remember, this investment in your business is FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE this year if you register BEFORE June 30.

By registering, it does not mean you have to pay straight away. It simply means you are guaranteeing your seat at the camp and you have the ability to pay the investment off over the coming months. Talk to us if you would like to create a payment plan.

This presents a special opportunity to get away for a few days and work ON your business, not IN your business to give your business and yourself a massive advantage away from distractions.

Working ON your business is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do. When times are tough it is even more important. Businesses that think and plan for the future actually perform better and look after their customers, clients or patients better than the ones  that do not.

Join us at the camp on 24–26 February 2025 and guarantee yourself the tools to look after the people you service better than ever before.

Your investment includes:

  • The GBC course and content for 3 days
  • The intellectual property collateral developed over 30+ years of consulting
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the 3 days
  • A cocktail event on the Monday night
  • A dinner on the Tuesday evening with guest speaker
  • Access to a number of value adding sponsors
  • A massive networking opportunity with like-minded people
  • All of the specialist presenters, and much more

Your investment is fully guaranteed and if at the end of the three days you have received no value from attending our business camp, your investment will be refunded in full.

Of course, you will need to personally book your accommodation  at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise for the duration of the camp. 

You will need to book into the hotel on Sunday 23 February to be ready to go by 8.30am on the Monday morning when our camp program begins.

Details for the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise are:

Address: 2807 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Phone: (07) 5592 9900

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.crowneplazasurfersparadise.com.au

We have managed to secure extremely generous rates from the Crowne Plaza and the views are spectacular.

  • Single rate (inc breakfast for one)  $215.00 per room per night
  • Double rate (inc breakfast for two)  $245.00 per room per night

There’s also a great opportunity to have some fun, meet with and talk to some like-minded business people and as an added BONUS you get one of our team at your table for 3 days – now what could be more awesome that that? And it is all 100% tax deductible – one of the few times the Government helps you to fund your growth.

We are very much looking forward to you joining us on the Gold Coast next February.

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