Changes to the Everalls Team

Here at DFK Everalls, we believe our people are an investment. Our team is made up of exceptional people who always strive to provide our clients with a top quality service.

We’ve had some exciting changes to our team this year.

Jason Griffiths has been promoted to Director, as of the 1st of July this year. Jason has been with us for over nine years and has demonstrated enormous abilities for clients, team members and for the firm as a whole. Melissa and I are really excited about his continuing contributions.

I am also pleased to announce that Melissa Deihl has been brought into the business, joining Marnie and Prichie as equity holders. We welcome Mel to the shareholder group.

Some other notable people to mention in our team this year also includes Shiela, Bernard, Aurora & Lavennia, who are based in the Philippines. They are part of over 1000 accountants that service Australian accounting firms from there. They are great at producing some of our core service needs, using our systems and our secure processes, our training and our way of doing things. They provide us with a capability and capacity that is sorely needed!

We also congratulate Ivette Alonso who has been promoted from Reception to be the Directors’ PA and is doing a great job keeping us organised.

Sadly, this year we also say goodbye to a couple of other team members. Lynette Rogers has moved, with her family, to Africa! We wish Lynette, David and the girls all the best as they embark on this brave new chapter.

On a positive note however, we do welcome some new team members!

Mickael Renou joined us in September last year, Teddy Nam six months ago, Isabel Duarte joined us at the end of June and Anna Gilbert and Grant Vickers have also joined the accounting team more recently. They all bring good experience and capacity.

To have a look at our full team, head to the Our Team page.

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