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Happy New Financial Year!

… And what a year it was.

You don’t need me to list all the events of the last 12 months that have made it so ‘challenging’ for so many of our wonderful clients. (I say ‘challenging’ with quotes because for some people, that word doesn’t even begin to cover it.)

Right from the outset, I want to acknowledge the efforts of all our clients to cope, whether you are in business, retired, employed, or something else!  We see and understand your efforts – and in some cases, your struggles. Your optimism in these extenuating circumstances has been incredible to see. We salute you for your efforts. 

We also want to say a huge thank you. 

Thank you to everyone who has worked with us through the deluge of change that we have all had to endure. We have had to communicate all manner of technical and practical changes under enormous time pressure and uncertainties – in both your world, and ours!

In some cases that has meant multiple changes and rapid revision to the advice. Everyone’s composure during this time has been truly appreciated.

And to those clients who have been largely unaffected by the events of this year (yes, some people have had a good year!) we also say – thank you. You have remained patient and understanding as our firm responded to some of the most intense pressures I can ever recall. 


Circumstances dictate that this message is all about change. The theme for the year really is about coping with change, at all stages of business and personal life.  Please be assured that now, more than ever, we are here with you – and for you.

Businesses are now moving forward to the end of the original Jobkeeper scheme. Business will emerge into whatever the new world is. There is much that is uncertain, but the basics do not change – focus on good business, cash flow, resource management, and some clever marketing.  We can help with practical business strategies for all of the above. Our Business Recovery Programme is designed to help some businesses “gear up” and push through this time. So please call us for more information, if this sounds like something you need. 

We have guided so many businesses (over 300 business clients) into the cash flow boost, the jobkeeper scheme, and the other COVID responses – worth many, many thousands of dollars in support. I hope the last few months have reinforced the value of our experienced advice, and we look forward to the next six months and more, as we emerge together.

More changes!

Individuals, retirees and superfunds also face big changes. 

Employment income, tax deductions, asset values, superfund rules; there are so many risks and changes to work through. Please know that we are here to help you through this. It’s what we do best!

Call us, even if only to seek reassurance. We do that too! 

Our Changes at Everalls

I am delighted to announce that we have now launched “Everalls Finance Broking”. This is the latest addition to our service lines.  

Justin Cornock, a very experienced broker, joins us to help clients obtain finance. This can be for homes, cars, plant and equipment, general business finance, or anything you need a loan or lease to buy! 

Get in touch for a competitive quote – and to keep the banks honest.

With this new addition, It feels prudent to reiterate our seven service lines, that can do so much for you:


What we don’t do is the undesirable stuff – audits and liquidations! Let’s stay away from those…

Our team

We are going into the 2021 financial year with a great mixture of the long term – and a little new. 

During the last few months we said a sad farewell to Marianne Keet, who had been with us for 44 years! Catch up with the full team here as we move through this new financial year, with most of our long term team plus introduce a few new faces. 


Our location

After 22 years in our Deakin office, we are asking some deep questions about the next few years. 22 years is the longest our firm has ever remained in any one location!

Our growth, changing demographics and emerging client needs are all being thrown into our thoughtful melting pot as we contemplate “where next?”

 Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about our new location.


Some things stay the same

Regardless of everything else in the world, what is not changing is our commitment to you. 

We will always do our best to provide accurate, practical and plain English advice to you. Advice that makes sense, saves some tax dollars and helps keep you out of trouble. 

We care for you and we love seeing you achieve all your life goals. While everything else does change, we can promise – that won’t. Caring remains our goal, always. 

May you prosper in this next financial year – despite whatever the world throws at you!


Rob Shelton FCA

Managing Director

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