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Personal tax returns

As we get older our lives often become more complicated and so do our tax affairs. Our expert tax team can provide you with advice on structuring your tax affairs to minimize your tax.

Salary sacrifice arrangements

Salary sacrifice arrangements can be very tax effective. Our team can work out how effective a proposed salary sacrifice arrangement is in your circumstances and advice on the tax consequences of the arrangement.

Investment and Rental Property Tax Advice

A rental property is a great way to build wealth and can be a tax-effective investment. It is very important that you speak to an accountant before you exchange contracts on the purchase of a property to make sure the ownership and finances are structured the best way.  You also need to keep correct records and understand what expenses you can claim and when. Don’t get caught out claiming the wrong deductions or missing out on things you can claim.

Get help with your Rental Property Tax Needs

Tax effective investments

There a myriad of investments you can choose from. Pending on your investment goals, we can provide you with taxation advice on all investments and structures to hold the investments in. Importantly, we would like to talk to you before you make the investments to ensure the best tax outcome for you.

Taxation of Deceased estates

Taxation of deceased estates can be complex depending on the assets and the beneficiaries. If you are an Executor of an Estate we can help you with the preparation of the final personal tax return as well as the Estate Tax Return/s. We can also provide tax advice, before or after an Estate needs to be administered, on how to avoid unnecessary tax on inheritances.

International tax

Leaving Australia to live overseas or returning to Australia to live may have various tax consequences. Our tax team will be able to advice you whether or not you are treated as an Australian resident for tax purposes and of the tax consequences as they apply to your circumstances. As a partner of DFK International Accountant network we have access to tax specialists all over the world, allowing us to assist you with any overseas taxation issues.

Defence Force Personal Tax Returns

The team at DFK Everalls has been working with Australian Defence Force personnel for over 50 years and therefore understands the unique needs of Australian Defence Force Personnel in relation to taxation.

We are Canberra based but thanks to technology we work with clients all over Australia, so even if you relocate we can continue to look after your interests and save you the hassle of changing accountants with each posting.

There are a number of special tax issues for defence force personnel tax so if you want an accountant who understands UMA, ERD, mess fees, zone rebates and the special medicare levy and deduction rules then give us a go.

Ensure you claim all your deductions

If you have any personal tax matters that you would like to have sorted out – contact us.

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