Fringe Benefits Tax

  • FBT rate for year ending 31 March 2019 – 47%
Type of aggregate fringe benefit amountFBT gross-up factor
Year ending
31 March 2019
Type 1 – entitlement to GST input tax credits2.0802
Type 2 – no entitlement to GST input tax credits1.8868
Key FBT figuresYear ending
31 March 2019
Benchmark interest rate for loan benefits5.20%
Car parking benefit threshold$8.83
Record keeping exemption threshold$8,552
Car fringe benefits statutory formula0.2*

* For contracts entered into from 7.30pm AEST 10 May 2011. Different rates may apply for contracts entered into before this date.

Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT)

PRRT applies to all onshore and offshore petroleum projects (except those in the Joint Petroleum Development area in the Timor Sea).

  • PRRT rate – 40%

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