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Doing business overseas

When setting up business operation overseas we can advise you on the type of business structures available in the relevant country, taxation implications of the various business structures and other compliance issues such as GST/VAT, state taxes and compulsory superannuation schemes.  DFK International has 439 offices in 92 countries around the world so where ever you want to do business we can help!

Doing business in Australia

We can assist you with setting up business operations in Australia and ensure that you meet all your compliance obligations.

Leaving or moving to Australia

Leaving Australia to live overseas can have a myriad of tax consequences on assets you may own in Australia and overseas. The tax issues can be complex and we can advise you how the tax law applies to your situation. Similar, when moving to Australia there are a number of tax issues arising, particularly the tax treatment of assets, the treatment of foreign income and pensions. Getting good advice before you move can save a lot of headaches.

Estates and non-residents

If you are leaving amounts in your will to a non-resident, there can be significant taxes to pay in Australia and overseas. Talk to us to make sure you understand the issues.

Overseas estate beneficiary

With our DFK International colleagues we can assist you when you are the beneficiary of an overseas estate. We can advise you on international taxation of estates issues including Inheritance Taxes and also on the Australian tax consequences.

Foreign pensions

If you have worked overseas you may be entitled to an overseas pension. With the assistance of our DFK International colleagues we can advise you on overseas pension entitlements, and the tax treatment both here and there.

If you need assistance with any international taxation matters – contact us

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