Rental & Investment Property Tax Information

What you need to understand about having a Rental or Investment Property

At DFK Everalls, we are experts in helping investment and rental property owners make wise choices about how to structure, manage and track everything you need in relation to the purchase and tax implications of owning your property. We have created 2 useful Rental Property Guides to guide your decision making around.


Help for Rental Property Owners

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Before you commit to buying a rental property come in for a Pre-purchase Consultation to make sure you structure the ownership and finances for your property in the best way for tax and asset protection purposes.

Ensure you claim all your entitlements

Do you know what you can and can’t claim in relation to your Rental Property? Don’t get caught out, talk to us to ensure that you understand the cash flow and tax implications of your property.

Lodging your Tax Return

Do you know what you need to do when lodging your tax return for your rental property? Let our team look after all the details for you, ensuring you claim all you are entitled to and nothing you are not.

Bookkeeping for your Rental Properties

Do you have one or more rental properties and struggle to keep track of property expenses for tax purposes. We can set up a Xero data file for you to track transactions per property ready for tax time.

Financial Planning & Wealth Creation Strategies

Talk to our financial planning team about how rental properties fit into your long term financial goals, taking into account cash flow, tax and asset diversification issues.

My Prosperity

Our team at Everalls Wealth Management have partnered with MyProsperity to make it easy for you to track all of your assets in the one place. Visit the Everalls Wealth Management website now to find out more about My Prosperity.

Contact us today if you want help from the experts regarding Rental and Investment properties


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