Whether it is a personal tax matter, SMSF question or more complex business tax strategies, the team at DFK Everalls are experts in the field.

Writing a business plan? Read our guide

Your business plan is the sat-nav that keeps the company moving in the right […]

2024 Federal Budget Overview

In his Budget Speech Treasurer Jim Chalmers summarised the key elements of the 2024-25 […]

Digging Deeper into Cloud Accounting

If you’re managing a small business, the chances are that you’re using one of […]

Business Tips: Setting KPIs and measuring performance

Once you begin trading, you’re faced with a new challenge – successfully managing the […]

What the Gender Pay Gap Really Means?

Last month, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) released its gender pay gap data, […]

A Business Budget Will Help with your Financial Decision Making

Budgeting is about estimating your revenues, projecting your expenses, and detailing the allocation of […]

What’s keeping you awake at night?

As we kick off a new year, we’ve put together a checklist of potential […]

5 tips for managing your SMSF

Setting up your SMSF is just the beginning. Make sure you know your obligations […]

Book a tax planning conversation with us today

The days of deciding on a tax strategy at the start of the year […]

Proposed changes to Stage 3 tax cuts

The Government has announced that they intend to amend the Stage 3 cuts and […]

How to ride the wave of technological advancements

Rapid technological advancements are a double-edged sword for many business owners, presenting significant opportunities […]

Taking care of data regulation and ticking the right compliance boxes

Your business faces an increasingly complex regulatory landscape when it comes to data privacy, consumer […]

Between now and Christmas – what Human Resource requirements do you need to check off your list?

The end of the year will be here before you know it, and although […]

Australian Privacy Act Reforms to Include Small Businesses

The Australian government is steering towards extending the coverage of the Privacy Act to […]

Proposed $3 Million Superannuation Cap – What You Need to Know

The Australian government proposes a new tax framework for superannuation fund balances exceeding $3 […]

Should you help your child pay off their HECS/HELP debt?

Should you help your child pay off their HECS/HELP debt? It’s a question many […]

Helping Your Children Purchase Their First Home

For many Australian parents, assisting their children in entering the property market or reducing […]

Digital Signatures and Cyber Security

Authenticated digital signatures can be a valuable part of your cyber security approach. They […]

5 top lead magnets for your marketing

Bringing leads into your business is what drives sales. So, how do you create […]

Maximising your Tax Deductions with the 20% Training & Technology Boosts

Although the Government announced these Small Business support measures in March 2022, these two […]

Tips for getting 2023 tax returns prepared

The team at DFK Everalls always want to prepare your tax return as quickly […]

Business Tax Lodgement Deadlines for 2023/24

This insight provides an overview of important business tax lodgement dates for 2023/24 Annual […]

Aligning Business and Personal Goals: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Achieving the perfect harmony between your personal and business life is a dream for […]

The EOFY is coming, but what about your personal planning

As the end of the financial year approaches in Australia, it’s a good time […]

Minimum Wage Changes from 1/7/23

The Fair Work Commission has just announced its increase to minimum wages which will […]

Tackling Debt Reduction for Business Owners: Charting the Path from Current Reality to Desired Future

As a business owner, you’re constantly navigating through a myriad of challenges and opportunities, […]

Tax Planning for the Next Financial Year: Start Strong with a Comprehensive Strategy

As the end of the financial year approaches, it’s crucial for businesses to start […]

Get Ready for Super Changes coming 1st July 2023

In the lead up to the end of financial year and especially when employers […]

What To Do With Your Profit: Timing Income and Expenses for Tax Efficiency

As a business owner, managing your finances effectively is crucial for long-term success and […]

Addressing the ATO’s Concerns on Cyber Security and Fraud

In recent times, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has expressed growing concerns about cyber […]

Why do you need a year end Tax Planning Review?

The end of the financial year can be a stressful time for business as […]

Tackling a Pricing Review During a Period of Rising Inflation

Rising inflation is a challenge that every business owner faces at some point. For […]

Why investment diversification is important for SMSFs

The right mix of investments for an SMSF will depend on very personal factors, […]

5 reasons to outsource your bookkeeping (to us!)

Bookkeeping. It can be the bane of any business owner’s life. Often, when you […]

Business tips: Adding value to your business prior to an exit

Generally speaking, an exit strategy will be put in place years before your planned […]

Financial Implications of separating or getting divorced

The end of a relationship is never easy, but there are steps you can […]

Private Use of Electric cars exempt from FBT

On 29 June 2022, the Government announced a proposal to exempt the private use […]

What’s your business strategy for next year? Where will you focus and why?

We talked to the DFK Everalls Business Advisory Team to discuss what priorities and […]

Do you have crypto in the FTX Crypto Exchange?

FTX was one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges and was highly regarded by […]

Tax Update and the Federal Budget that wasn’t

The Federal Budget announced by the Labour Government on 25th October ended up more […]

How do you stay up to date with new technology?

Having our team attend Xerocon each year is one way we keep them up […]

What’s coming with STP Phase 2, Stage 3?

If your business uses Xero (or any of the other excellent payroll packages available), […]

7 Ways to Distinguish your Business in a Competitive Hiring Environment

With new businesses starting up every day, the hiring environment has become very competitive. […]

Common cyber security scams and how to spot them

Cyber security scams, also known as cyber security threats, are becoming increasingly common as […]

Why do SME businesses need to consider ESG issues?

Why are ESG issues so interrelated with Tax? In an era of ever increasingly […]

Understanding Cyber Security: A quick guide for busy business owners

Recent data shows Australians have lost a total of over $72 million to cyber […]

Leadership in a Hybrid Workplace

The pandemic brought many changes to our lives, but from a business perspective the […]

Optus hack puts all Australia on alert, business included.

Risks from the huge data breach go far beyond the people directly compromised, your […]

Social Engineering Red Flags – What to look out for

Hackers and scammers are getting more sophisticated, gone are the days of the laughable […]

What is Personal Services Income?

Personal services income (PSI) is income received as payment for individual personal efforts and […]

All about Wills and Probate

If a loved one passes away, there are certain steps that may be required […]

Using the Shortcut method for claiming WFH expenses

No doubt for the last 2 years you may have spent some time working […]

2021-2022, the financial year in review

From the Desk of the Managing Director Happy New Financial Year! Yes, we know […]

Key Tax Dates for the first quarter of financial year 2022-2023

Mark your calendars! Below are key dates your business needs to track for the […]

Get ready for super changes from 1 July 2022

As the new financial year approaches, there are changes to who is eligible for super and how much you need to pay.

Removal of the $450 superannuation threshold

Currently, employers don’t have to pay the compulsory Super Guarantee (SG) for particular employees if their […]

ATO Watching Work From Home Deductions Closely

As the ATO is progressing on processing 2021 Tax Returns, they are taking a […]

Staying on top of your cashflow in Volatile Times

One of the biggest challenges for business during volatile times is to maintain and increase cash flow. During these interesting times, it is important to ensure that you are focusing on systems and speed.

2022-2023 Federal Budget Overview

The Federal Treasurer, Mr Josh Frydenberg, handed down the 2022–23 Federal Budget at 7:30pm […]

Staying passive is being active during volatile market conditions

In volatile market conditions, not doing anything at all – staying the course – […]

Geopolitical sell-offs are typically short-lived

In times of heightened market risk and volatility, understanding history can help to maintain […]

How events in Ukraine change our economic views

Higher oil prices resulting from events in Ukraine are likely to trim economic growth […]

How to implement effective succession planning in today’s world

Succession planning is changing.  Traditionally, business leaders were so focused on managing their business, […]

STP Phase 2 – What your business needs to know

In the 2019–20 Budget, the Government announced that Single Touch Payroll (STP) would be […]

Super Tax Legislation changes July 2022

Legislation has finally been passed to give effect to several of the key super changes proposed in the 2021 Federal Budget.

5 goal-setting tips for the year to help your business

Wouldn’t it be great to have your best year ever, this year? Whether you […]

Do Your Employees Want to Cash Out Annual Leave? Here’s the lowdown.

Are your staff asking to cash out annual leave? There are some important rules […]

Downsizing your home? Understanding the downsizer contribution

Downsizing the family home is often part of the longer-term financial plans for many […]

An overview of the main residence CGT exemption

Generally, a property, including a taxpayer’s main residence, ie their family home, is considered […]

Should you buy or lease your business assets

There are certain items of equipment, machinery and hardware that are essential to the […]

Choosing the right XERO apps for your business

Software technology has evolved massively in the past decade, with cloud-based apps now fundamental […]

New Stapled Superannuation Funds – what does it mean for business

 ‘Superannuation stapling’ is a new measure that was introduced as part of a package […]

Five Reasons to Refinance your Home and What to do Next

Refinancing your home means changing your existing loan for a new one. This is […]

Asset Protection: Significant change associated with putting assets in spouse’s name

A common Asset Protection strategy is for “at risk” people to put their family […]

Scams and Identity Theft – How to prevent yourself from falling victim

Identity theft is a type of fraud that involves using someone else’s identity, without […]

Director ID’s – What you need to know

ASIC has recently announced that all current company directors and anyone wanting to become […]

APRA announces tighter lending rules – how will this affect you?

On October 6th, APRA (The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) announced a tightening of the […]

Wage Theft – what to watch for to avoid being caught out

In 2020, many high profile employers either self-reported instances of underpaying employees or faced […]

How to Maximise your Superannuation Contributions

Superannuation is a very topical conversation at the moment. With people living longer, many […]

3 Tips to Help you Regain Control of Your Business

Business owners often feel like they’re not in control of their business. The number […]

Cryptocurrency Tax in Australia: How to Report Transactions at Tax Time

Have you dived into the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and are wondering about cryptocurrency […]

Estate Planning: How to determine the appropriate ownership structure for your assets.

In regards to management of an estate, one of the more complex areas to […]

COVID19 Support Packages – Update 17/8

The ongoing pandemic and associated lockdowns/restrictions in place is impacting employees and businesses in […]

Lockdown Playbook Update 16/8

What are the key steps your business needs to have in place to come […]

ACT COVID 2021 Update 13/8

The ACT is now in COVID Lockdown too. The Everalls team will be continuing […]

Where to for the lending market in financial year 2021/22?

As we move ever so quickly into the new FY for 2022, there are […]

From the Desk of the MD…

2021, the year in review Happy new financial year! From the whole team here […]

What’s happening with Taxes in the new financial year (2021/22) and beyond?

The 2021/22 Financial Year has started and there are a few changes that you […]

Cryptocurrency and Tax Considerations

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are generally a digital asset or currency which operate independently […]

How COVID19 has changed work related expenses

COVID19 has brought a changed reality to many parts of our daily lives, travel, […]

Payroll Tax: Changes you need to know from July 2021 and beyond

Payroll tax is a State and Territory tax on wages that employers pay employees. […]

Key Tax Dates for the first quarter of financial year 2021-2022

Mark your calendars! Below are key dates your business needs to track for the […]

Superannuation Checklist – EOFY

Is your super sorted for the End of the Financial Year? With the end […]

Buying an Investment Property

Traditional ideas around home ownership link it to success. It’s often why buying an investment property is pretty high up on the wishlist for many people.
So what steps do you need to follow on the path to buying an investment property?

2021–22 Federal Budget Highlights

The Federal Treasurer, Mr Josh Frydenberg, handed down the 2021–22 Federal Budget at 7:30 pm (AEST) on 11 May 2021. Unpack what’s in it for you!

Maximising your Super: Our top 10 tips

How are you maximising your super? Most Australians dream of a comfortable retirement free of […]

New Business Assets – Buy or Finance?

Need a new business asset and wondering whether to buy or finance? The team at Everalls Finance have outlined some key points to consider.

SGC and Super contribution caps set to increase from 1 July 2021

From 1 July 2021, the Employer SGC rate has been increased and the maximum […]

What is Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) – And How Can it Affect my Ability to Borrow?

You may have heard – amended laws making Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) mandatory from […]

How COVID-19 will impact your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reporting in 2021

The fringe benefits tax (FBT) year ends on 31 March 2021. However this year, in addition to the normal reporting you need to do at this time of year, you also need to consider what impact COVID-19 may have had on the status of employee benefits this past year.

Business Value Gap – How the Value of Your Business Affects Your Future

The business value gap is the difference between what your business is worth – and the amount you need at the time of its sale. Will you have enough?

Ten Tips to Help Investment Property Owners Avoid Common Tax Mistakes

If you have an investment property you are renting out – it is essential you ensure everything is claimed properly in your tax return.

ASIC Changes to Director Resignation Rules – How Directors can Comply

Are you a company director, planning on resigning?
New requirements have come into place that may affect you.

Preparing Your Business For Sale – How to Maximise Business Value

If you have a shortfall in your business value gap, you should implement these strategies to improve your profit before you sell.

Three Key Factors to an Effective Succession Plan

There are three key factors you need to consider when putting together your succession plan – control, financial life planning and exit options.

How Business Advisory Services Could Help Get You Back on Track in 2021

First things first – well done on surviving 2020. It truly is an achievement. […]

How a Succession Plan Can Protect (and Improve) the Value of Your Business

We’ve all heard the story many times before. Business owner puts in thousands of […]

How Much Will the Bank Lend you? Calculating your Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)

Over the last few years, regulations in the banking industry have been constantly changing. […]

How Reducing Owner Reliance can Improve your business – and your lifestyle!

Do you feel like you’re never able to take time off from your business, […]

2020 Federal Budget Wrap for Businesses

It cannot be emphasised strongly enough – small and medium sized businesses play a […]

Your Guide to Commercial Property Loans

Considering your finance options for a commercial property investment? There is a lot to […]

Broker V Direct Lender – Why Use a Finance Broker?

The last few years have seen many changes in the banking industry. Between the […]

JobKeeper 1.0 finishes on 27 September 2020 – here’s what you need to know about JobKeeper 2.0

The government has recently announced changes to Job Keeper eligibility tests that your business […]

From The Desk of The MD

Right from the outset, I want to acknowledge the efforts of all our clients to cope, whether you are in business, retired, employed, or something else!  We see and understand your efforts – and in some cases, your struggles. Your optimism in these extenuating circumstances has been incredible to see. We salute you for your efforts. 

Novated Lease V Chattel Mortgage – Which is right for your business?

If your business needs vehicles, one of the first decisions is generally how to finance them.

Novated leasing and chattel mortgages are common ways for Australian businesses to achieve this – as an alternative to purchasing a fleet. 

COVID19 Business Impact Insights – A Survey by DFK Australia New Zealand

DFK Australia New Zealand has released the findings from our 2020 COVID19 Survey, in […]

HomeBuilder: What is it and how do you access it?

The Government has announced grants of $25,000 to encourage people to build a new […]

Key Findings of the 2020/21 Bstar SME Report: Businesses Need Someone They Can Trust

In today’s complex economy, new risks are constantly emerging for small and medium sized […]

Business Plan for Recovery – Do you have a Business Strategy for post COVID19?

In the current economic climate, many businesses are in survival mode – focusing on […]

New method for claiming home office expenses during COVID19

During this stressful time, our governments are looking at all sorts of ways to […]

A Changing Economy – What are the Impacts of COVID19 for Landlords?

These are strange times we are living in. Petrol prices are below $1. There […]

The JobKeeper Subsidy – Is your business eligible?

The Government’s $130 billion six-month wage subsidy scheme, aimed at limiting the economic devastation […]

Get your business through COVID19 with a Business Continuity Plan

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a growing impact on global and Australian businesses. Business […]

COVID-19 – The Government’s economic stimulus packages explained – Impact on Superannuation

Over the past two weeks the Government has announced two economic stimulus packages to […]

COVID19 Update on Tax Relief for Individuals

As the COVID19 pandemic escalates, new government measures are being introduced. These will have […]

COVID19 Causing Cash Flow Problems For Your Business? Learn More About Tax Relief Available

The COVID19 situation is changing very quickly and the government is continuing to evaluate […]

The Stimulus Package: What You Need To Know

The Government has announced a $17.6 billion investment package to support the economy as […]

We are open and will stay open!!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact across Australia. We are taking a […]

Staff Underpayments – Practical Steps for Small Business to Avoid Wage Error

With extensive media coverage over the last couple of months around staff underpayments and […]

Fringe Benefits Tax Hot Spots – How to Ensure you’re Reporting Correctly

With the start of the Fringe Benefits Tax year looming on 1 April, businesses […]

Business Succession Plan – Agreements to Consider

Creating a Business Succession Plan is usually at the bottom of an owners list, […]

The Increasing Spread of Coronavirus – Updated Economic and Investment Market Implications

The past week has seen a renewed escalation in concern that the coronavirus outbreak […]

Bushfire support and assistance

Ten million hectares, lives lost, wildlife on the brink, billions in lost revenue and […]

Alerts to protect SMSFs from fraud

A new system alerting SMSF trustees of changes made to their SMSF will roll […]

CGT and the family home: expats and foreigners excluded from main residence exemption

Legislative changes were made late last year, that exclude non-residents from accessing the main […]

Why you need a Business Strategy – and how a Planning Day can help

Having a strategic plan for your business is great – it’s essential. It helps […]

Superannuation Death Benefit Limitations

As an SMSF trustee, you need to take special care when paying death benefits […]

How to build a Risk Management Plan for your Business

Research has shown that protecting business and family assets is a top priority for […]

Work Christmas Parties, Gifts and FBT – what you need to know

‘Tis the season to be jolly! If you’re involved in the administration of fringe […]

Payroll Fraud – How you can safeguard your business

Over the years, payroll systems have increased in sophistication, with exciting new security features. […]

Super Guarantee Amnesty Resurrected

On 18 September 2019, the Government reintroduced legislation to establish a one-off amnesty for […]

Has your business set up Single Touch Payroll? The deadline is approaching

The introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) this financial year is a game changer. […]

What is a self managed super fund and how do they work?

Are you wondering what is a Self Managed Super Fund and how they work? Find out about the structure, advantages and considerations.

Changes to the Everalls Team

Here at DFK Everalls, we believe our people are an investment. Our team is […]

Key issues the ATO is checking for with your investment property at tax time

The ATO has declared rental deductions are a top priority in its auditing process […]

Why Should You Create A Succession Plan – Webinar Replay

Creating a Succession Plan is usually at the bottom of a business owners list, […]

How To Master Your Cashflow – Webinar Replay

  In this webinar we take an in-depth look at Cash Flow Management Strategies […]

How To Streamline Your Business With The Cloud – Webinar Replay

We appreciate that there are many different business types and industries and know that […]

How To Maximise Your Super – Webinar Replay

One of the most common ways we can grow our Super fund is through […]

How To Maximise Your Profitability – Webinar Replay

When we want to increase the profits in our business, we immediately think of […]

5 Step Super Check

Superannuation does not have to be time consuming or difficult. The ATO has published […]

Increase in Small Business Immediate Asset Write Off

There have been a number of changes to the rates and thresholds for the […]

Profit is not a dirty word!

If you spend any time in the mainstream media world, you’ll see a large […]

Are your profit margins struggling? Here’s how to increase your efficiency

Profit margins are generally an indicator of a company’s pricing policy, and how well […]

The top three concerns for small to medium business (SME) owners

There are many challenges for small and medium business owners. There are a lot […]

Why is strategic business planning still the primary concern for business owners?

A business plan is usually used to initially start a business, obtain funding, or direct operations. A strategic plan is primarily used for more established businesses for implementing and managing their strategic direction. What shape is your’s in?

Does your business continue to “spark joy”

Have you caught the KonMari bug? Now is the perfect time when you are refreshed to review your business at a strategic level and see what is bringing you satisfaction, sustainability and profitability and perhaps what needs to be discarded.

New laws mean no tax deduction for non-compliant payments by business owners

Did you know, a new tax law takes effect from 1 July 2019? It […]

What is inventory accounting and how can it help you save money?

Inventory is the biggest cost facing many businesses. But what is it, exactly? We […]

Doing Business in the UK

What you most need to know about doing business in HongKong. Watch this video now to find out more about Business Structures, the overview of taxes plus the tax treatment of profit, practical issues for business as well as a Case Study and real world examples.

Doing Business in New Zealand

What you most need to know about doing business in HongKong. Watch this video now to find out more about Business Structures, the overview of taxes plus the tax treatment of profit, practical issues for business as well as a Case Study and real world examples.

Do you engage contractors in your business? Know your legal responsibilities

Last week, we looked at an unfair dismissal ruling against Foodora Australia, which has had huge implications for the gig economy.

In light of this, we thought it might be worth going over your legal responsibilities if you engage contractors, and the implications of misclassifying your employees.

Doing Business in Hong Kong

What you most need to know about doing business in HongKong. Watch this video now to find out more about Business Structures, the overview of taxes plus the tax treatment of profit, practical issues for business as well as a Case Study and real world examples.

Doing Business in Singapore

What you most need to know about business in Singapore. Watch this video now to find out more about appropriate Business Structure, Taxes, Practical Issues, People Issues, the Business Environment and Grants and Incentives applicable to you.

Double-check your bookkeeping – do a bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is a way to double-check your bookkeeping. You do it by comparing […]

Joshua Klooger v Foodora Australia – How this ruling impacted the gig economy

In November this year, a former Foodora Australia delivery rider, Joshua Klooger, won an unfair dismissal claim, despite a service agreement that classified him as an independent contractor.

This ruling has had huge implications for the gig economy and how employers engage contractors.

What are KPIs – and how do they measure the success of your business?

How do you measure the success of your business? How do you find out […]

Thinking of buying a franchise? Here are some things to consider

Franchises are built on proven concepts, with market-tested products, and they often come with […]

Get paid sooner! How to simplify construction invoices

Sick of spending all your spare time creating invoices? Let’s help you get your […]

Self Managed Super Fund: Is it right for you?

You have worked hard for your money and you want to make sure that now it works just as hard for you. Everyone wants to maximise their retirement benefits but is putting your superannuation monies in a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) right for you?

So you have a will – but have you considered all of your assets?

Having loan accounts in business structures can have unintended consequences. Particularly where wills are concerned.

Tax Incentives for Early Stage Innovation Companies (ESICs) – how it can benefit you.

The introduction of the tax incentives in July 2016 for investors in ESICs makes this type of investment tantalizingly more attractive than ever before. The tax incentives provide eligible investors who purchase new shares in an ESIC with two tax incentives

Three reasons why accounting and marketing go hand-in-hand

Marketing is not solely promoting a product or service, creatively communicating your brand or looking after your customers. It is a mixture of everything your business stands for and how it operates, and a big part of that is your numbers.

Helping small business through the succession planning process

There’s a lot to preparing a business for a new owner. Too many businesses do just one of them – offer their business for sale.

7 ways invoice financing can help cash flow

Is cashflow keeping you awake at night? Only about half of Australian small businesses are cash flow positive in any given month.

Is there super on that?

Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions are the minimum superannuation that you are required to pay on behalf of your employees. The current rate is 9.5% of ordinary time earnings (OTE) but what does that mean exactly?

5 things I wish I knew before buying a business!

Find out how to avoid the pitfalls when you buy your first or next business.

Give your Super a boost – with a “Downsizer contribution”

If you are aged 65 or over you can make a super contribution of up to $300,000 from the proceeds of selling your main residence in Australia.

How to protect your business from payment fraud

Does your business pay bills using cheques? Do you send out printed invoices? You […]

Should you be thinking about a Testamentary Trust?

A Testamentary Trust is good for people who have children under the age of 18 as the distributions the child receives from a Testamentary Trust are taxed as if they were adults.

Which business structure is right for my business?

When setting up or buying a business there are a number of business structures you can use to operate the business in. Here are some of the most common structures used in Australia.

Taxation of an Estate

When a family member passes away, the executor of the estate is tasked with the administration of the estate in an efficient and respectful manner, but at the same time needs to be aware of the tax consequences of when and how assets and income are distributed, as it can be costly to the beneficiaries.

Residential rental property changes to travel costs and depreciation.

Residential rental property changes to travel costs and depreciation. How does it affect property investors?

Why discounting is a dirty word!

Planning your next Sale – discounting might not be your best strategy to boost revenue! – here is why

Why you need a business budget!

A good business budget allows you to plan for business events that will affect your business’s performance over the forecast period.

This year I really want to grow my business

If this was your New Year’s resolution – it’s probably time for a business growth budget!

How good is your marketing? – Your accountant can help you to find out!

How successful the marketing of your product or service is, has a great deal to do with how your business operates and what it stands for, and your numbers can tell you a lot about it.

Save time and money with retail management software

Retailers work really hard to avoid overspending on inventory and staff. The sums can […]

Got outstanding invoices? Here’s eight things you can do to get paid

It would be nice if you could send an invoice, then sit back and […]

Get paid faster, focus on your Accounts Receivable process

There are many ways to get into business, but only one way to stay […]

Cash vs Accrual Accounting – What’s the difference?

You’ve heard people talk about cash versus accrual accounting, but what is it all […]

What is invoice financing and how can it help your cash flow?

Cash-strapped businesses have trouble finding working capital, and they generally don’t want to take […]

Choosing an inventory valuation method for your business

First, let’s discuss the basics of inventory accounting. To correctly account for inventory, you […]

Cloud accounting packages – are they safe?

When talking with business owners about cloud accounting packages, we often get questions like […]

Single Touch Payroll (STP) – what is it?

How many employees do you have? The first thing employers have to do is […]

My business is profitable – but I struggle to pay my bills – Why?!

What’s the difference between profit and cash flow? Profit is simply your business revenue […]

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