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Each month the directors of DFK Everalls present a boardroom briefing session free for our clients and guests on a variety of topics that are designed to inspire. educate and inform our audience. From Federal Budget updates to strategies to help you Maximise your Super, Succession Planning to Family Trusts, Strategic Planning for your Business to Wealth Creation for you and your partner. 

We are sure that there will be a topic here that will help you, your business and your family.

Federal Budget 2023 Boardroom Briefing

What will the 2023 Federal Budget mean for you personally and professionally?

The DFK Everalls team have been working around the clock to breakdown the key details of this year’s federal budget.

What's happening with the Property Market?

There is a lot happening in the property market, with rapidly changing prices, inflationary pressures and interest rate rises, what should you be doing now?

This video is presented by the team from 1Group Capital Property Advisory with a review of what is happening around the country in the property arena right now and what you need to consider.

Ethical Investing - Investing for real world outcomes

Investors are looking to invest in a way that avoids harm and supports a more positive future.

This growth in responsible investing means the choices available to investors wanting to do good for themselves and the planet are also growing.

This video from our special guests Australian Ethical Investment walked through

  • A Market Update
  • What is ethical investing
  • Investing in a time of climate change

Cyber Security - Issues for Business in 2022

Cyber Security is unfortunately an area of increasing concern

What are some of the key issues for business right now?

This webinar is presented by Aron Robertson Strategic Group (our IT Providers) and he will walk us through some key tips to help secure our businesses and what steps to protect cyber threats and security fraud.

What have we learned from COVID & lockdowns?

So did COVID make you rethink your purpose and your direction? For many of us, the answer is yes!

How do we need to redesign our business?

This video looks at the following:

  • Finances
  • Capital investment
  • Team
  • Clients
  • Products & services
  • Systems & Process 

Maximising your Super - what steps can you take?

This presentation is aimed at people who are up to 10 years out from retirement and those who want to be organised early.

This presentation covered 3 specific superannuation contribution options and outline 10 ways you can maximise your super.

  • Employer Contributions: SGC and Salary Sacrifice
  • Personal Contributions: Concessional & Non-concessional, Work test rules, Total Super Balance limit
  • Other Contributions: Government & Spouse Contributions, Spouse Super Splitting & Small Business CGT

Pre-retirement Planning: Get ready to retire in Style!

This presentation is aimed people who are up to 10 years out from retirement and those who want to be organised early.

Retirement means different things to different people. For some, it means the ability to spend more time with loved ones while for others it may mean pursuing a neglected hobby or travelling the world. Regardless of whatever retirement means to you, one thing is for sure – no one wants to spend their later years worrying about money.

This presentation covers

  • How much will you need in retirement
  • Ways of funding your retirement
  • Strategies to increase your superannuation balance
  • Managing risk & protecting your Super
  • Strategies to retire in style

Using a Family Trust to build wealth outside of Super

In this Boardroom Briefing we outline everything you need to know about Family Trusts including:

  • What are they?
  • How do they work?
  • How are they used for Asset Protection, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer and building wealth
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • and how you can use them outside of Super.

Strategic Planning for your Business

What’s keeping you awake at night?

As a business owner, you need to be able to answer three vital questions

1. Where is your business now?

2. Where do you want to be?

3. How are you going to get there? 

This boardroom briefing, presented by Melissa Healy  walks you through our process for Goal Setting, SWOT analysis and how to bring everything together into a Strategic Plan for your business.

Succession Planning: What's your exit strategy?

Do you have a good strategy for how to get out of your business when the time comes?

One day you will want to give up management and/or ownership of your business – so you need to make sure that you have a good succession plan in place to ensure:

  • The business is sellable;
  • You can find someone to buy it; and
  • You get the best price possible for your business.

So what are the options?

In this Boardroom Briefing presentation we will be outlining the difference between an Internal or External Sale and what that means for you and your team.

How to determine the value of your Business

The Business Value Gap is the difference between what your business is worth right now and the amount you need at the time of its sale.

As a business owner, you need to be able to answer three vital questions

1. What is your business worth right now

2. What do you need your business to be worth (now or sometime in the future)?

3. How do you improve this value if there is a gap between what it is right now and where it needs to be in your future? 

Rob Shelton, our Managing Director presents this Boardroom Briefing session walking you through the exact process that we work through with our clients to undertake a business value gap analysis.

Federal Budget 2021 - What does it mean for you?

Making sense of the 2021 Federal Budget.

Catch up with the key elements of this years Federal Budget and what it means for you personally and professionally.

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