2021-2022, the financial year in review

From the Desk of the Managing Director

Happy New Financial Year!

Yes, we know only accountants really say that, but it’s still true… Everyone here at Everalls sends you best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous FY 2023.

A new financial year is a chance for all of us to reset our goals for the next 12 months and beyond. For businesses, those goals might include achieving all manner of people, systems, process, and other improvements. It might mean pursuing opportunities that have been awaiting attention. Perhaps it could even mean some long-held hard decisions get made and implemented. Whatever those goals might be, we can help bring a lot of experience and wisdom to the process.

The new financial year is also a chance for superfunds, retirees, investors and, well, everyone (!) to review their own goals and paths forward. The paths forward might have some “foggy” bits and even a lot of uncertainty, but that’s ok. Take some steps anyhow. Again, we are here to support all clients through the complex financial world to get better outcomes.

Despite being exhausted after a couple of amazingly “different” COVID years, we are looking forward to the new financial year and all the bright hopes that it can bring.

Some changes at Everalls:

We are delighted to welcome Graeme Brown to join us a Director in the accounting firm from 1 July. Graeme comes to us after a long career in another accounting firm in Canberra. He joins us with Jasmin Hynes from his firm, who is joining our support team. We welcome both these new team members and Graeme’s clients, and look forward to working with you all from now on.

After 22 years here, Melissa Healy is starting a process of transiting into retirement from Everalls. She is still here! But Melissa’s role is reducing as we go forward, and we wish her very well as she starts to write new chapters in her life while still contributing to us.

We are delighted to announce the Bob Chen, our amazing Financial Planner, has become a Director of our financial planning company Everalls Wealth Management. We welcome Bob to the “big table” of Directors and look forward to continuing our successful relationship in a whole new way.

We are otherwise blessed with a wonderful and stable team and we are very happy to have Melissa Walton back from maternity leave. The full list of our team can be found here.

What does FY 2023 hold for our futures?

There is obviously a bit of “noise” in the press about inflation, interest rates, wage rises, access to workers, and even some recession talk. Clearly, the historic low interest rates and low inflation days are now past. What does this mean? For some of us who might not be quite so “young”, we may remember those much higher cost periods in history. For some younger people, it is all a bit scary. In fact, someone told me that there are $1.1m borrowers who are only now, for the first time, experiencing an interest rate rise! Different times indeed.

We have been here before. The senior team here at Everalls have seen recessions and booms come and go, inflation up and down, and markets gyrate. We have the experience to deal with these things, and to help anyone with worries, questions or concerns. There are some basic and effective strategies to use. Ensuring any loans you might have are properly structured, well covered with cash flow, and that spending habits are reconsidered are just a couple of the basics. For investors, the opportunity to grab some undervalued items might re-emerge after a few fully priced years!


So, as we all rush head-long (and maybe a bit exhausted!) into FY 2023, please review your goals and aspiration. Have a chat to us about where you dream… And this will tell us where your finances need to go. Then we can help with strategies you can implement to get there.

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