COVID19 Business Impact Insights – A Survey by DFK Australia New Zealand

DFK Australia New Zealand has released the findings from our 2020 COVID19 Survey, in their Business Impact Insights Report.

The survey aimed to assess the impact of COVID19 on businesses, as well as evaluate how prepared they were for working remotely. It also looked at how embracing new technology helped them cope – and how many businesses intent to go back to ‘the way things were’ in terms of technology.


What is the COVID19 Business Impact Insights Report?

This Business Impact Report provides a snapshot of the impacts and future focus of business owners across Australia and New Zealand.

The report outlines the impact on staff and teams due to revenue downturn. It also details how this was managed, including redundancies, reduced hours and suggesting personal leave.

The key tools businesses used to help workers operate in isolation are also highlighted, as well as solutions used to adapt.

The participants in the survey represent the opinions and experiences of business owners, spanning across multiple industries.

This includes

  • property and business services
  • finance and insurance
  • childcare
  • manufacturing
  • consulting
  • retail
  • construction
  • wholesale
  • professional services
  • health and community
  • agriculture


How can I access the COVID19 Business Impact Insights Report?

Do you want to see how other business owners implemented changes, to help their business survive COVID19? You can view the full report on the impact of COVID19 on businesses here. It may provide your business with some inspiration!

Please get in touch with our team if you want to discuss your business – and how we can help you move through this next phase.

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