We are open and will stay open!!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact across Australia. We are taking a position of ‘business as usual’ with our office still being attended, subject to the evolving direction from various authorities. If you are a business client, we have substantial resources to help you stay in business.

Our Firm 

As a firm we have substantial capacity to work remotely and to ensure your interests continue to be looked after. Our systems are cloud based, secure and are entirely suited to remote work. If we are directed to no longer attend our office, we have the capability to continue to serve your needs. 

The health and safety of our team and clients, and their families and communities is of utmost importance. Our management of the situation will weigh all such factors when making key decisions. 

We have no reported cases of illness relating to COVID-19 within the firm. We will continue to monitor guidance from Government sources. 

Should an event occur that forces partial or even full closure of the office, we will email you and outline the process during this time. We currently have in place a number of measures ready to be implemented for such an occurrence. We will still be open! We certainly hope this does not occur. 


Should you have an upcoming meeting at our premises, we will be in touch as necessary to confirm that the meeting is proceeding or whether you would like to make alternate arrangements, which can include video conferencing (we have the tech) and/or teleconferencing. 

Business Help

The impact of COVID-19 on businesses will be very significant. This is the time to seek our guidance on:

  • New government assistance
  • How to preserve cash flow
  • Business continuity  plans
  • Graduate responses to the downtown. 
  • How to action practical changes to survive
  • Cash flow forecasting

You can trust our advice, especially in these times. Please do contact us for effective, practical and timely expert advice to protect and save your business. 

Financial Planning

The current market melt-down is a big concern for investors. We can’t stop the melt-down, but we can ensure that you are well placed to survive the downtown and to even seize any opportunities that may emerge! Please do contact us for expert advice. 

We will also provide updates on the firm’s websites, linkedin or Facebook pages as the situations change.

We are all experiencing unprecedented disruptions to our way of life – privately and in business. We wish you well through these challenging times, and are here to support you. 

Yours sincerely,

Robert Shelton
Managing Director

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