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By far the best accountants I’ve ever experienced

Leonie Dawson - Best-selling Author

After spending 3.5 hours with DFK Everalls, reviewing the past year, forecasting and visioning the next, I often leave feeling totally drained.

And also so incredibly grateful for them.

DFK Everalls is the support I can’t do without. Rob, the Managing Director is more of a business coach and Mel does more of the tax grunt work.

I always learn so much from them. Rob’s gentle guidance has been a lifesaver when everything was really difficult. He intuitively gets me and knows I don’t do “Business As Usual.” He reminds me to be gentle on myself when my hard overachieving self wants to get A+++ on everything – and that every business has growing pains and you can’t escape those experiences.

I dig that they love and accept our meetings will be full of food, swearing & utterly inappropriate tales. I also appreciate that he gets my Aspieness, and he laughs as he says “Leonie, you were the first person in 20 years who has ever interviewed ME to see if I was good enough to be their accountant. I knew just from that who you were.”

I laughed at that. I had outgrown my old accountant and was then their biggest client – a situation you never want to be in. So I’d created a spreadsheet of everything I needed in an accountant, and I called them all to interview/interrogate them and populate the results on my spreadsheet.

It worked well. They have been by far the best accountants I’ve ever experienced. When you get the wrong support it’s terrible… when you get the right support, it’s an experience of the divine.

An accountant is not just a financial wizard, but a guide and mentor to you and your business. We can be your guide

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