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How to leave the Devil you know

Castaly Haddon - Castaly Haddon - Director

I would like to recommend Melissa Healy to you. I am one of two Directors. She has looked after the finances of our seven companies, trusts and personal tax returns for the last 3 years.

She worked hard to win our business from our former accountant of 17 years who over the years, had both served us well and taken us for granted. As our business grew we were reluctant to leave the “devil we knew” but our company needed a bigger financial management team like DFK Everalls. She won us over with her polite persistence and professional manners. And the cost was not a lot greater.

When she finally managed to convince us to swap over our financial affairs were not in a good state. She was unfazed and with the same persistent tenacity set about putting things to right. I am sure she must have thought we were a nightmare, but she never let on and was always pleasant and cheerful and businesslike in her manner.

After three years our affairs were almost in order when the Director’s business and personal relationship faltered. This really was a nightmare with 5 properties, seven companies, 23 bank accounts, and 13 vehicles mixed up in an acrimonious separation. Melissa navigated a tough task and remained professional and unbiased at all times.

An accountant is not just a financial wizard, but a guide and mentor to you and your business. We can be your guide

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